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About Parity Innovations

- About Us -

Parity Innovations Co., Ltd. was founded in December 2010, with the business of planning, development and design of optical components and systems, and for developing, acquiring and licensing related industrial property rights.

Our company is engaged in practical research and system development of various optical elements, such as the mass production and upsizing of the new optical element "Parity Mirror®", which has Dihedral Corner Reflector Array (DCRA) structure, and developing prototypes of application systems using it.

We are also encouraging the application and dissemination of the Parity Mirror® optical element through exhibitions held in Japan and abroad, and has strived to maximize its appeal using it as an innovative, first of its kind presentation tool.



- Technology -

The optical element "Parity Mirror®" works by finely dividing the light beams using discrete unit optical elements, then forming images by collecting the divided rays according to geometrical optics.

The floating images created by a Parity Mirror® can be seen at fixed positions in the air regardless of the direction and distance of viewing, thus there is a definite presence, just as with real objects.

By using a small Parity Mirror® (10cm square or so), the floating image can be made to be observed at a short distance, within reach of the user, suitable for use as a personal device.

- Floating touch display -

We developed a floating image display that can be manipulated by touching the floating image, called "Floating touch display".

Floating touch display image